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BSDP-04 F Basic Care (Box of 10)

(Nipper 13 cm curved, Foot Dresser, double sided-medium fine) Box of 10

BSDP-03 F PNA Procedure Pack (Box of 10)

PNA Procedure Pack Contains

Thwaites Nipper (14cm)

Locke Elevator: The Locke Elevator

2 Mosquito Artery Forceps


BSDP-01 F Podiatry Basic Care Set (Box of 10)

  • General curved nipper (13cm)
  • Double sided emery board (medium /fine)
  • Dressing Scissor
  • Blacks file (13cm)
  • Scalpel Handle No3 Dressing
Box of 10    

BSDP-03-02 F PNA Procedure Pack

This extensive pack of podiatry tools is an all-in-one solution for partial nail avulsion procedures. This single-use kit is a cost effective solution for podiatrists, featuring eight high-quality items for success PNA procedures. All eight items are individually wrapped and sterile, making them easy to transport and store, as well as cutting down on wasteful packaging. The boxes open via tabs for easy access and the clean branding ensures they look appropriate for your clinic. The arrangement of the box adds flexibility to your workflow by allowing you to use only what you require when you need it, eradicating the time-consuming process of cleaning and prepping reusable items. The single use design eliminates the risk of cross infection, which improves patient safety. This PNA pack is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for podiatrists who want the most effective and convenient equipment on the market today.
  • Thwaites nipper
  • Beaver handle
  • Locke elevator
  • Blacks file
  • No. 3 scalpel handle
  • Dressing scissors
  • Hallstead mosquito forceps
  • Ribbon tourniquet
All-in-one solution for podiatry procedures Eliminates risk of cross-contamination Removes the need to clean and prep items