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Susol Suction Tube Frazier – 9fg

The Susol Frazier suction tubes are individually packed, sterile, and ready for use. The compact packaging means they are easy to store, taking up little space. The tube is made from high-grade medical steel and has a rounded tip which reduces the discomfort for your patients. The tube is bonded into handle without resin or adhesive so you be assured the tube is secure and will remain affixed during the procedure / treatment.

Susol Fine End Extension 18 SWG

The Susol single use fine end extension fits the Susol Zoellner suction tube. The rubber sleeve and neck ensure a tight sturdy fit into the canula. Available in boxes of 50, each extension is individually wrapped, sterile, and ready for use.

SS34-2879 Aural Tilley Forceps 15cm x 65mm (Box of 10)

(Single-Use Aural Tilley Forceps 15cm x 65mm) Box of 10

SS21-2030 Probe Jobson-Horne 17.8cm (Box of 100)

(Probe Jobson-Horne 17.8cm) Box of 100

SS18-1713 Halsey Needle Holder 13cm (Box of 10)

(Halsey Needle Holder 13cm) Box of 10

SS16-1494 Foerster Sponge Holding Forceps 24cm (Box of 10)

(Foerster Sponge Holding Forceps 24cm) Box of 10  

SS08-0557 Blacks File D/E Micro – Round Probe 14cm (Box of 10)

(Blacks File D/E Micro - Round Probe 14cm) Box of 10  

SS08-0556 Flat Head Probe – Swan Neck 12.5cm (Box of 10)

(Flat Head Probe - Swan Neck 12.5cm) Box of 10

CH145 Susol Emery Boards 18cm (Box of 100)

(Susol Emery Boards 18cm) Box of 100

S-TQL (Large) Digital Tourniquets Large Blue

S-TQL (Large): Susol Single Use Digital Tourniquets S, M or L (pk50)